Transitioning your ideas to products


we handle everything from ideation through development to manufacturing your products.


Kii.am is a contract Design & Manufacturing services powerhouse specializing in complex dental, medical, and veterinary instrumentation.


With over 30 years of experience, our mission is to stand by you from the get-go to success, transforming your prototype into a fully realized, market-ready product.

From prototype to launch to market success!


Kiiam stands out in its ability to connect clients to various sales and distribution entities around the world.

We pride ourselves on our strong relationships with a wide-reaching global network of distributors and partners spread across different industries and countries.

Kii.am is 13485 and 9001 ISO certified.


what WE DO

From prototype to launch to market success


At Kiiam, we transform great ideas into successful products. Our team collaborates with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their challenges and then create the best solution for it. No idea is too big or too small.


The Kiiam team is well versed and experienced in international regulatory processes and procedures. We file and handle all necessary regulations for our work on each particular product.


Kiiam provides our clients with early stage and advanced prototypes and can go from alpha to beta as well as from alpha or beta to serial production. In addition, we create high-end prototypes suitable for showcases and trade shows.  


Kiiam offers full production and manufacturing solutions to our clients tailored to their individual needs. We provide production in Israel, China, and can oversee outsourcing to other locations as needed.


From mechanics, to electronics, mechatronics and more, Kiiam takes a multidisciplinary approach to developing products and our team is well versed in cutting edge technologies and techniques which lead to innovative products and elegant solutions.


Kiiam’s is committed to ensuring our products arrive securely and in well-designed packages. From package design to packing and assembly services, our team provides bespoke solutions for each individual product.



A small sample of the many products that Kiiam has been involved with.

Stay front and center

You’ve come up with a powerful concept and prototype. Whether this marks the launch of your company, or you’re looking to outsource production - let us take it from here, so you can focus on what’s important:

Managing the company, creating value and market demand, and preparing for success. All the while, we will get your product up and ready.



Kiiam is a fast-growing, innovative company.

Our multidisciplinary team is exceptionally skilled and committed to providing our clients with personalized service, centered around high-quality product development and cutting edge engineering.

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In-house Production Team

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