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A Breakthrough In Restorative Dentistry


The client asked to get a breakthrough product in restorative dentistry.

FIT Strip is a new kind of dental saw that features adjustable and interchangeable handles. The strip employs the unique ability to go from straight to curved, to ensure maximum precision and minimal clinician fatigue.

Distributed globally by Garrison Dental.

Client Business Requirements:

• A turnkey partnership.

• Simplify its processes.

• Help it save on production costs.

• Solve difficult production issues.

• Increase its speed to market.

• Help it expand its capabilities entering into new product areas without investing in added equipment or staff expertise.

The Product Requirements:

  • Creating accurate interproximal spaces for orthodontic procedures.

  • Clinician ease-of-use.

  • Patient comfort.

  • Interproximal reduction (IPR) precision.

  • Curved.

  • A measurement guide.

Solution: A product ideal for proximal contact adjustment, marginal crown seating, veneers, on-lays, proximal contouring of composite fillings and cement clean-up.

  • Adjustable and interchangeable handles - solves patient comfort and clinician fatigue

  • Unique ability to go from straight to curved, to ensure maximum precision

  • Unlike other strips that rely on constant squeezing of the strip to maintain curvature, the FitStrips™ features an adjustable wheel to lock desired curvatures into place for maximum precision, maximum patient safety, and minimal fatigue.

Fit Strip in process


Key takeaways: From idea to full turn-key, manufactured, ready to sell product


Fit-strip is a clear example of transforming a great idea into a successful product. At the ideation phase, effective collaboration with the client is a must to gain a deep understanding of its challenge and then create the best solution for it.


It is essential to provide the client with an early stage and advanced prototypes enabling it to go from alpha to beta to serial production. In addition, to develop market validation, high-end prototypes should be created, suitable for showcases and trade shows.


As a turn-key partner you should employ a multidisciplinary approach to developing the product and cutting edge technologies and techniques that lead to innovative product and elegant solution.


The process mandated international regulatory processes and procedures. You can provide significant added value by filing and handling all necessary regulations. is ISO 13485 & 9001 certified.


We’ve provided full production and manufacturing solutions tailored to their individual needs. We provide production in Israel, China, and can oversee outsourcing to other locations as needed.


You must be committed to ensuring your products arrive securely and in well-designed packages. From package design to packing and assembly services, your team must provide bespoke solutions for each individual product.

Conclusions and takeaways:

When developing a new product it is mandatory to have a clear, structured process from ideation to manufacturing.

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