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A Dental Curing Light with a twist

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

A Case Study in scientific innovation.


Dental composites make use of chemical photoinitiators to start a reaction and solidify from a gel form.

In recent years some composites make use of not only the classic CQ photoinitiator but also photoinitiators such as PPD and TPO. The mix of different photoinitiators, sensitive to different wavelengths of light, changes and complicates the optical requirements from dental curing lights.

Dental curing lights, CL, need to emit light on broader span of wavelengths in order to cover all optional photoinitiators.

Adding LEDs of different wavelengths is a well known approach.

Different Colors in a uniform way

The scientific challenge - But how do you mix the different colors in a uniform way?

Uniformity means that all the areas receiving light, actually receives the same amount of light in color mix and power. Achieving good uniformity is not simple since each LED die emits a single color.

Solution - The challenge addressed with scientific innovation

According to customer requirements, asking us to solve this problem, developed a unique dental curing light, to mitigate exactly this challenge. This curing light mixes colors, in a most uniform way exceeding most dental curing lights in the market.

Moreover, the size of the device tip entering the oral cavity is smaller than most curing lights in the market.

A proprietary design, the optical aperture of the device perfectly collimates multi-wavelength light in a uniform way.

Creative solutions for our customers is our passion!

Kiiam provided: Product design, electronics, materials selections, optics, lenses, PCP, plastics, molds, production, QA

E ISO Regulations: 13485, 9001

Product Requirements and how innovation met them

  • Uniform, high-intensity light in the 395-500 nm wavelength range.

  • Multi-spectral curing light, the Curing Light is capable of polymerizing nearly all light-cured dental materials, making it one of the most versatile curing lights on the market.

  • Combines an optimized clover-shaped LED arrangement with precision optics to provide a uniform beam through three curing modes (standard, ramp, boost) for user preference. The irradiance is 1,200 mW/cm^2 for standard and ramp modes, and 2,500 mW/cm^2 in the boost mode. The Curing Light also has a transilluminator for detecting fractures, cracks and residual caries.

  • The Curing Light is ergonomic in style and lightweight, weighing just 72g/2.5oz and its two-button operation is intuitive and makes it easy to use. The Curing Light is cordless and contains an inductive charging removable battery provides >= 150 – 20 second-curing cycles. The Curing Light starter kit comes with the hand-piece, two rechargeable batteries, a charging base, 100 protective sleeves and a light-attenuating shield.

  • This Curing Light is the smart choice over other curing lights as it’s efficient, lightweight and provides substantial cost SAVINGS compared to curing lights from other leading brands.

Key takeaways: From idea to full turn-key, manufactured, ready to sell product

The Client Business Requirements:

• A turn key partnership

• Simplify its processes

• Help it save on production costs

• Solve difficult production issues

• Increase its speed to market

• Help it expand its capabilities entering into new product areas without investing in added equipment or staff expertise.


This Device is a clear example of transforming a great idea into a successful product. At the ideation phase, an effective collaboration with the client is a must to gain a deep understanding of its challenges and then create the best solution for it.


It is essential to provide the client with an early stage and advanced prototypes enabling it to go from alpha to beta to serial production. In addition, to develop market validation, high-end prototypes should be created, suitable for showcases and trade shows.


As a turn-key partner you should employ a multidisciplinary approach to developing the product and cutting edge technologies and techniques that lead to innovative product and elegant solution.

REGULATION: is ISO 13485 & 9001 certified. The Devise is an FDA Approved.


We’ve provided full production and manufacturing solutions tailored to their individual needs. We provide production in Israel, Germany, China, and can oversee outsourcing to other locations as needed.


You must be committed to ensuring your products arrive securely and in well-designed packages. From package design to packing and assembly services, your team must provide bespoke solutions for each individual product.

Conclusions and takeaways:

When developing a new product it is mandatory to have a clear, structured process from ideation to manufacturing. has a proven track record of bringing new products to become a reality by following the methodology and best practices we provide.

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